Commodity Brokering

Our business provides an independent broking house specialising in over the counter derivatives products in markets for soft commodities. Our broker’s contracts are negotiated according to GTA specifications and are arranged on structured as well as prompt bases.

Our brokers provide an end-to-end service offering for clients across the supply chain. Our markets include:

  • Ex Farm / Ex Warehouse
  • Track
  • Delivered Local Destination
  • Free In Store (FIS)
  • Delivered Container Terminal (DCT)
  • Free On Board (FOB)
  • Cost & Freight (CNF) into any international destination

Our brokerage team works with clients across the supply chain to secure the efficient payment and delivery terms and ensure the efficient operation of markets.

Brokerage fees are typically charged as a fixed fee per metric tonne unit or as a percentage of the final commodity value.

Advisory & Risk Management

Corporate advisory and commodity risk management represent the cornerstone of our business. Our team liaises with clients to construct efficient trade solutions to help balance and manage risk based on extensive fundamental market research across the agricultural supply chain.

Our advisory solutions are tailored to each client and include the use of a broad range of fundamental research and market data to help manage downside risk, secure wider margins and improve profitability.

Advisory services are provided subject to a fixed monthly retainer. Fees vary according to size and scope of the business.

Project Work

The Australian market for soft commodities is dynamic with a distinct lack of robust and reliable public data providers. IKON provides access to fundamental research and analysis based on an extensive in-house database.

All project work is tailored to purpose with services including:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Asset Valuation
  • Due Diligence
  • Verification of Revenue Models
  • Asian and Australian Market Analysis
  • Risk Policies & Procedures
  • Performance Review
  • Supply Chain Evaluation

Please contact one of our team members to find out how our tailored analysis solutions can assist your business.